Central winds through the north and the Alai in the  in the  divided between Uzbekistan,. It stretches thousand. km ². Basin area is fairly uniform and falls - from east to west above sea-level

Basin is a tectonic origin. Fills it with rock material from the destruction of the surrounding mountains. The bottom of the band surrounded by hills and constructed from conglomerate and loess-covered. Behind them rise the foothills composed of rocks and limestone and shale.

The climate is continental and dry with very warm summers average
breast actives temperature although sometimes there are temperatures around and relatively mild winters temperature above-lying areas are possible increasing with altitude - from at the bottom of the basin in the east.

It is one of the most densely populated areas of
Pure iron is a shiny, silvery, very hard and relatively trudnotopliwym metal, which undergoes passivation. Admixture of silicon or carbon from the process of obtaining the metal from iron ore, increases the depth and rate of corrosion. This is due to a developed system of irrigation, using water of the  artificial reservoir Kajrakkumski and channels, the largest of which is the which is used for agricultural purposes. It is grown mainly cotton, fruits, grapes and rice and silkworm breeding. Adyry are occupied under pasture. On the slopes of the mountains grow forests of walnut, apple. The central belt south of the  cover the saline soils and sands. To the basin's natural resources include petroleum, natural gas, sulfur and salt. The main

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